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Trends of 2022: how your home affects your mood

Interior design has manifested itself, whether we are aware of it or not, in the form of an aesthetic aid. In an age, where we are moving into the third consecutive year of covid, for many people their houses have become one of the only places they can exist. Suddenly, those curtains you had always meant to change, that stained rug you rearranged your coffee table to hide or that print faded by the sun, become triggers. They make us uncomfortable, or annoyed because interior design is there to create a reaction.

It comes as no surprise then, that many people are moving towards peaceful earthy tones. Greens and browns are becoming increasingly popular as well as using plants and scented candles or diffusers to create a calm, fresh space. Just like the Chinese art sheng fui (arranging objects in a living space to reflect the harmony of the outside world), interior design is once again acting as an oxymoronic tool to the world outside of our houses.

So… what does this mean for the trends of 2022?

The drive to reconnect with nature is stronger than ever. The environmental crisis has manifested in many people’s heads as a hopeless situation. However, it has made people more aware of the quality and quantity of what they are buying. People are turning towards localised companies, sustainable fabrics, and natural resources such as wood over plastics.

Sculptural, but practical design is also becoming increasingly popular. Everyone loves to have something unique, maybe even designed uniquely for them. Curved surfaces over sharp and harsher minimalist trends, give the aura of a homely safe space as well as adding a ‘wow’ piece to the room.

Have you got a room that doesn’t feel quite ready, maybe it has some dead space? How about making into a dual room? With hybrid lifestyles that are beginning to takeover, dual spaces are becoming sought after. Kitchen tables are becoming a boardroom and living spaces are becoming offices. De-clutter and re-arrange to suit this new way of life! Ever heard of a study bed? Help yourself to be more practical! Have a space where you can slump and sleep one minute, or be suited, booted, and alert the next.

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