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Colour of Summer

As the weather changes and gets colder, it is easy to match your house aesthetic to the bright world outside. Have you got a few old vases gathering dust? Or some small wellies, mason jars or pitchers? Whatever character you have decided for your house, whether its classy or cosy, this one thing can help turn the room.

The colour of summer ultimately lies in flowers. Choosing a bouquet for me has always been a stressful task, so I have put together a small guide on how to pick flowers to match your chosen style.

1. What do you like?

There are so many different types of flowers! It can be very overwhelming when going to pick a bunch. Before heading to the shops do a little research online. Find some popular bunch combos or take pictures of flowers you like. You can then go into the store, with some idea of what you are looking for, or if you prefer head into a florist or online and put together your own.

2. Colour scheme

The next most important thing is making sure that they match the room. If you do not think your house takes on a particular ‘colour scheme’ then the focus should be on which room, you want to have the bouquets in. For example, if you have gone for a minimalist, white and black aesthetic, a bouquet of red roses, coloured lilies, or a bright orchid, will help fit the classy aesthetic. A bold colour would be essential to ensure they stand out and heighten other aspects of the room. Try different things and see what you like.

If you have a lot of colour, light pastels or neutral tones may suit better. As you do not want to overwhelm the room and take away from the aesthetic.

3. The size

Ensure you match the size of the bouquet with the seize of the room. If it is a small bathroom, maybe use an old glass bottle and put a single flower on a windowsill. However, if it is a large open space, ensure that the bouquet is big enough that it does not just blend into the background, likewise a small room can feel crowded. Again, it is a trial and error process.

4. The texture

Although liking the flower, and choosing a flower you like is important, texture must also be considered. A bunch of baby’s breath has a far different texture to the harsher shapes of bamboo, or grass. Flowers, such as peonies, roses, and carnations, give off a softer and gentler look.

However, if you have your heart set on a specific type, but want to go for the edgy, minimalist, classy look, not to worry. A very simple technique such as buying a few flowers separately and lining them up on a table of windowsill separately, can still create an interesting and sophisticated look.

5. Vases

Anything that holds water can be used as a vase. Whether you want to spruce things up and use a welly boot, or have some obscure artistic design for your vase, ensure it matches the size and aesthetic of the room and bouquet.

Head to the shop section on Enys and Cole for a wide range of vases to pick from.

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